About the journal Description

 “Review of Regional and Global Affairs” is a publication of the University of Central Punjab (UCP), Lahore, Pakistan. The University is a part of the Punjab Group of Colleges, the largest group of colleges in Pakistan. The UCP  was chartered by the Government of Punjab in 2002 and recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan

The UCP Journal- Review of regional and global affairs aims to provide a platform for researchers, academicians, and students, in the domain of international politics to publish high-quality peer-reviewed papers that are theoretically informed, empirically rich, and methodologically rigorous research on topics of contemporary and historical interest to scholars, students, and practitioners in the IR community.

An antidote for parochialism of all kinds – geographic, methodological, theoretical, and ideological. This journal aims to publish articles that engage in some meaningful way with political, economic, social, or cultural processes that cross the borders of states.

Scope/ Aims of journal

The journal of Review of Regional and Global Affairs is open access, a peer-reviewed journal published by the Department of Politics and International relations, University of Central Punjab Lahore, Pakistan. The journal seeks to publish leading scholarship which engages with theoretically or methodologically original subjects that articulate conceptual and theoretical perspectives and deal with aspects of regional and global issues. It discusses the sub-national, national, regional, and global crucial and attention-seeking topics of International Relations, Peace and Conflict Studies, Defense and Strategic Studies, Regional Politics, Diplomatic Studies, International Law, UNO, other Inter-Governmental Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, and International Political Economy.

The journal covers all topics in this field which includes issues related to political changes in the world and welcomes both quantitative and qualitative approaches.

The editorial and advisory boards of the journal comprise notable academics, Researchers, scholars from Pakistan and around the World.